The Beacom History
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The Beacom History



First Generation

Getting Settled

Thomas Beacom
2nd Generation

Martin Beacom
3rd Generation

Ambrose Beacom
4th Generation

This web site is based on a section from the 2003 edition of the Beacom Family History. A great deal of gratitude is owed to Monica “Molly” Beacom and Marie Beacom Anderson. These two historians worked together to produce the first Beacom History book in 1952. This original edition introduced us to the family history from 1800-1952. Other updates were made in 1988 by James Beacom and in 2003 by John Beacom. Also, special thanks go Angela “Angie” Beacom for researching the 1860 census information and Corrine Beacom Hogan for providing me with this information.

If there are any questions, comment, or inaccuracies please contact me at The Farm.

The name Beacom originated from Lord Beaconfield of Scotland. Their name was spelled Beakum until after they came to America and the people that the Beakum’s transacted business with began to spell their name Beacom. As at that time the people that came to America could not read or write.

Four Beacom brothers Patrick, James, Thomas, and Michael came to America from county Fermanagh Ireland about the year of 1846. Their brother George settled in Australia. There were five sisters in which Mary (Mrs. Farrell) was the only one to come to the United States. The other four sisters remained in Ireland.

Patrick Beacom’s widow, Nancy Ann, four sons and Patrick’s brother James Beacom later moved to Iowa. Thomas and Michael located in Nebraska.