The Beacom History
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John Ambrose Beacom

4th Generation

Ambrose and Nellie


First Generation

Getting Settled

Thomas Beacom
2nd Generation

Martin Beacom
3rd Generation

Ambrose Beacom
4th Generation

John Ambrose Beacom (although known as Ambrose most of his life), son of Catherine and Martin Beacom, was born May 14, 1903 on the family farm three and a half miles south of Waterbury, Nebraska where later he engaged in farming. *Note: This is where the first Beacom reunion was held in 1928.

J. Ambrose was united in marriage to Nellie (Broderick Beacom of Belden, Nebraska on January 29, 1929 in Omaha Nebraska, and she joined him (and his parents, Martin and Catherine) on the Beacom family farm. All 15 of Ambrose and Nellie’s children started their lives on this farm as well. In 1958 Ambrose and Nellie and their children moved to another farm 2 miles north of Waterbury (also with the Waterbury address). It was on this farm that Ambrose, Nellie, and their daughters – Carol Ann, Dorothy, and Margaret “Peggy” – resided for the remainder of their lives. It is now the residence of their son, Neal, who has continued to farm the land.

Ambrose was a member of the Holy Name Society. John Ambrose throughout his lifetime in addition to farming also worked at Atokad exercising racehorse for approximately five years. At the age of 67 he retired, and at the time of his retirement, he was employed with the State of Nebraska, Department of Roads where he had been employed approximately 12 years. Ambose Beacom passed away at the age of 78 on Thursday, January 7, 1982. Services where held the following Monday in the Immaculate Conception Church in Waterbury, Nebraska on a freezing cold day. The Rev. John McCaslin officiated. J Ambrose is buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery, South Sioux City, Nebraska.

He is remembered for his quite presence, his smile, his work ethic, his tender care of Carol Ann, Dorothy, and Peggy, and his love of dogs. His grandchildren remember his gentle smile, how he never raised his voice, his long hours of work, his dog Tinkerbell, and him washing the dishes on Christmas Eve.

Following Ambrose’s death, Nellie (Broderick) Beacom continued to reside at Waterbury, Nebraska on their farm with their daughter Dorothy Rae Beacom. She was raised in Belden, Nebraska area, where she worked at the lumber yard and bank, and she graduated from Sacred Heart High School in Emerson, Nebraska in 1923, which was the schools first graduating class. Throughout many years of her lifetime, she was a member of the school board for Waterbury High School and served in the capacity of secretary, and she also served in the capacity of president. She was a member of the Immaculate Conception Church in Waterbury, and she was a member of the Alter Society. She worked at Atokad for many years as a teller to earn money for all the Christmas presents she would purchase. After the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church closed, she became a member of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Ponce Nebraska. Nellie (Broderick) Beacom passed away on Friday, January 21, 1994 at a Sioux City hospital. Services were held the following Monday at 10 AM in St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Jackson, Nebraska, with the Rev. Rick Arkfield of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church of Ponca, Nebraska officiating. She is buried at St. Michael’s Cemetery, South Sioux City, Nebraska.

Her children remember her for her generosity, her always welcoming people into her home, for her strong sense of family, and for her devotion to the church and to Mary. They remember her unending energy as she faced each day with a huge breakfast by 6AM. They recall her following this with baking bread, canning, or cleaning and then starting preparations for the next meal. They also recall that laundry day was on Monday, where she washed from morning until night, and pie baking was Saturday nights. She saved the cream money to buy her first refrigerator and for trips to the doctor.

They cherish each December as they remember how she loved the holiday. She started Christmas preparations the day after Christmas the year before. They remember the Christmas gifts chosen especially for them that rested under the tree for each of them until her last Christmas with all of us in 1993. They also remember how she patiently and attentively cared for each of them and courageously helped them to face adversity.

Her grandchildren, children, and son-in-laws remember how she always had something special made just for them – carrot cake, German chocolate cake, peach pie … the list goes on and on. Her grandchildren cherish the birthday cards that always arrived on time with $2 tucked inside as well as the special gift under the tree every Christmas. They close their eyes as they remember how she said rosaries for them; they smile as they think of the bottomless cookie bucket, and tears come to their eyes as they remember her amazing ability to love each and every one of them and make the feel special – a love that they still feel today.

Ambose and Nellie’s children remember them for their amazing capacity to face life’s challenges and transform negative to positives. Their grandchildren remember them for crating a special place – often referred to as “the farm” – where hours of fun with an array of cousins awaited them. John Ambose Beacom and Nellie(Broderick) Beacom’s legacy is a large extended family that embraces the values passed to them – working hard, always focusing on the positive, devotion to the church, and the strength of family.

Their values live on through the decisions and actions of their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. Their spirit lives on as we gather at each graduation, shower, baptism, wedding, first communion, family reunion, Thanksgiving, Easter, and at the Ambrose and Nellie Beacom’s Family Reunion, and especially every Christmas Eve. The Reunion and Christmas Eve celebrations are still celebrated every year at their farm (now Neal’s farm) just north of Waterbury, Nebraska.

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