The Beacom History
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Thomas Beacom

2nd Generation


First Generation

Getting Settled

Thomas Beacom
2nd Generation

Martin Beacom
3rd Generation

Ambrose Beacom
4th Generation

Thomas Beacom was born in Ireland in 1810. He was married to Mary Kelly from Ireland, he had two children Mary and Michael that were born in Ireland. Three daughters were born in New Orleans LA. His wife contacted yellow fever and died there. People feared this disease so that Thomas burned down their home. He worked in a mine and had little money. He did not know what to do with his three daughters, but was advised to leave them on the street and they would be taken care of, but he put them in an orphanís home. His oldest daughter remained in Ireland to care for her grandmother and in those days only a certain number of could come to America at a time and money was hard to get. He then came with his son Michael to a place near Dubuque, Iowa. When he was financially able he sent money to his daughter in Ireland to come to his home in Iowa. He then returned to New Orleans, LA to get his three daughters he had left at the orphanís home. He was met at the door by a Sister that stated to him that his children were Godís children now. His daughter Mary was believed to have died shortly after she went to the pump for a pail of water, and never returned. She was found dead and it was believed a snake had bit her.

Thomas then married Ellen Hogan from Iowa. He came to Dakota County, Nebraska on June 13, 1857 and settled four miles and a half northwest of Jackson, Nebraska. He died in 1888 and Ellen died in 1889. They left six sons and one daughter, Michael, Thomas, John, Dennis, Ellen, Timothy, and Martin.